Why should you buy Lenovo z70 17.3″ | Unbiased Review 2022

You saw someone playing on Lenovo Z70, and you got admired enough to consider buying it. But you don’t know its specifications. Today we will be discussing the features of this dream laptop for those who love gaming and entertainment.

We are here to solve your confusion about buying a laptop with a widescreen and fast speed with high affordability. On my colleague’s advice a few years ago, I bought Lenovo Z70 with 17.3 inches screen. For your guidance, I have listed the features that I loved about this product by Lenovo. Let’s jump right into the details and explore this laptop.

17.3 inches widescreen:

Do you love watching seasons on your laptop while traveling? Or do you want to see your meeting fellows clearly in a zoom meeting? Lenovo z70 solves this problem with its 17.3 inches widescreen. You can have a feeling of a mini cinema while lying in your cozy bed. For gamers, it is very crucial to have a laptop with an extraordinarily widescreen. Hence, this model by Lenovo should be their priority. Gamers and programmers also love this big screen because it helps them find the errors of their lengthy codes.


Besides having a widescreen, Lenovo’s display has a unique anti-glare feature. I have changed four to five laptops, and one reason to do this was this glaring problem. It becomes irritating when you have to adjust your screen repeatedly to see what’s written on it. Plus, the display has full HD 1920*1080 resolution, which is best for educational purposes, gaming, and video editing. Further, the Lenovo z70 also has a colorful display that allows you to customize your PC’s color themes. You can choose the color scheme for your laptop that pleases your eyes from the million color effects.

Smart Design:

Lenovo never fails to amaze people with its remarkable innovation sense. The design product reflects how much they care for their customers. Till now, you would have guessed it’s almost the closest replacement for a desktop. But it is relatively thinner than the other laptops, which adds to its portability. Though you can take it everywhere, still, the size of 22.52 x 2.68 x 13.23 inches with 8.25 pounds weight would not concern you much. Slightly curved edges prevent your laptop corners from hitting the zip line of your bag. The ebony black cover also protects your laptop from scratches or other external forces by sharing impact.

JBL Designed Speakers:

They know how much sound quality means to the gamers or even students taking their online classes or anyone who has a business meeting. To set up high standards, Lenovo z70 owns an arsenal of Dual JBL Designed Speakers, which increase the level of audio clarity. You can enjoy maximum audio levels without distortion. Plus, the Dolby audio complements the lack of audio by offering surround sound features and consistent volume levels by locking in your preferred volume level. To wonder you, I want to add that Dolby audio enhancement guarantees distortion-free performance by giving you total audio control through its ten-band graphic equalizer.

Graphics Card:

I have mostly talked about gamers or students, or corporate people, but I have good news for graphic designers. This laptop has a powerful graphics processor NVIDIA GeForce 840m graphics card, which will surely help you earn enough money if you are a graphic designer or video editor. Amazingly, this card is ideal for entry-level gaming, photo, and video editing purposes.  According to NVIDIA, this graphic card is not suitable for hard-core games, but after testing, it proved remarkable for streaming HD Videos, web surfing, and entry-level gaming. The 840M offers 384 shader units clocked at boosted 1029MHz to process different aspects of images.

Battery Life

Personally, battery life was my grave concern. While working from home, your laptop’s long battery life acts as a backup if electricity shuts down. Z70 has a lithium-ion battery that has a charge or discharge efficiency of 80% to 90%. To give you an idea of this battery’s strength, I want to tell you that it is mostly used for military and aerospace purposes. You can continue web surfing or watching your favorite movie for almost 4 hours. That means it can be a worthy travel companion for you.

Intel Core i7 processor

This laptop had the latest processor in the market when launched. It came with the 5th generation Intel Core i7-5500U processor, which runs at the mighty power of 2.4GHz with 4GB. Furthermore, it has a cache memory of 4MB to deliver substantial performance gains. The turbo boost technology in Lenovo z70 expands the processor running speed up to 3GHz. Furthermore, Intel’s processor is equipped with Hyper-Threading Technology, Visualization Technology and Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Technology, and much more, which proved it was a dream processor for fast and efficient working.

Memory and Storage

Previously, I was working with a laptop with 8GB RAM. And I indeed faced a lot of speed issues when I ran heavy programs. This laptop has 16GB RAM and is a master of multitasking. Hence, you can use heavy programs or software simultaneously. Besides this feature, its 500GB Hard Drive with a rotational speed of 5400 RPM is admirable. You can keep as many photos as you want or even programs you think you would install later. There is an 8GB solid-state drive that consumes less battery and is more responsive as a plus point. That is why the programs load and save faster in z70. Another thing I found admirable was its rewritable optical DVDRW drive.

Wireless Connectivity

This laptop also owns a robust wireless connectivity suite. The double JBL designed speakers can be connected to external devices like headphones or air pods through Bluetooth 4.0 interface. Moreover, it is compatible with 802.11 ac wireless WiFi connectivity, a wireless networking standard, and offers high-throughput WLANs on a 5GHz band. Also, there is Gigabit LAN for an instant wired internet connection. You can also connect external more giant screens with your laptop wirelessly for better visualization through HDMI port.

USB Ports

This ideal entertainment PC has two USB 3.0 ports that help you transfer your data. These super-fast ports have a transferring speed of 4.8Gbps and have additional power of 900mA because of double wires. Apart from these ports, there are a micro-SD card reader and DVD-RW unit.

AccuType Keyboard and Touchpad

The touchpad is designed for the Windows 8.1 operating system, the latest OS of its time. You can comfortably zoom in, zoom out, rotate figures, and scroll frictionlessly. The AccuType keyboard gives a modern look, and its slight curved keys provide ease in typing.

720p HD Webcam

Now, you can video call your friends and feel like they are sitting in front of you. The crystal-clear integrated 720p HD video and audio from a dual digital array microphone allow you to have a realistic virtual meeting or online lecture. It turns out that there is a face recognition option that adds to the security of your laptop or other apps.

OneKey Recovery

This feature is a beneficial perk by Z70. Just as a strange problem arises while your program is running, just a touch of a button and boom, the system identifies the error. While repairing the issue, the associated data is also protected. OneKey recovery also works in the case of viruses or malware functioning.

Throughout my experience with a laptop, I have also seen some defects in this PC. Though they are ignorable but showing you the other side is also necessary.

Sleep mode issues

One of my colleagues also used this laptop and was frustrated with its sleep mode issues. He had a habit of not turning off the computer after use because some of his programs usually keep running. Therefore, he found it problematic because it did not go fir sleep mode for more than a few hours. When he did so, the laptop speed was prolonged and ultimately stopped working, and he restarted it.

Blue screen error

A friend of mine was having trouble with the blue screen error. He had to restart the laptop and lost the unsaved file he was working on sometimes. To fix it, he scanned the drives to look for the error, but it returned nothing. He disliked the stock photo editing apps, and he called them ‘horrendous.’

Long boot uptime

Another issue that I observed while using Z70 was its long reboot time. It took almost 10 minutes to reboot. At that time, I made myself a cup of tea and even drank it, but my laptop didn’t restart!

Pop up advertisements

When you are using a low-quality word or google spreadsheet, you might come across many online advertisements to click the ad. These ads sometimes get so irritating as it diverts our focus.

Keyboard issues:

This model uses the AccuType design keyboard, just like one in Y70 touch. But it is not backlit, so your keyboard will not be useful if somehow you need to use it in the dark. I was a bit not satisfied with the keyboard because of the spacing issues of the keys. One positive thing I would praise here is the spacing left on the sides of this immense system. You can find enough space to scroll your mouse on the right bottom or left bottom corner. The large click pad is lying under the space bar. Though it provides useful gesture support to the operating system, I would not recommend using it for gaming.


Summarizing the discussion, I would say that Lenovo Z70 is not a mind-blowing laptop, but it is an appropriate option for watching HD movies and gaming. You may find other laptops with multitasking prowess and better benchmark performance, but the screen feature makes Z70 a priority among them.

Lenovo Z70 is the best replacement for desktop PCs. Though it is not portable like the smart devices, you will not find features provided by this model in this package anywhere. A 17.3 inches full HD screen, massive 16GB RAM, 1TB hard drive, and a graphic card make it worth buying on a low budget.

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