Is Asus a Good Brand? – Everything You Need To Know!

ASUS is a multi-national Taiwanese electronics and computer hardware company that manufactures some of the best laptops, desktops, and mobiles in the world. However, when answering a question such as above, one has to go into a lot more detail. 

ASUS offers you a wide variety of devices in a wide budget range, so technically the company has a good option in every price range and also in every profession. There are numerous series of ASUS laptops, each designed for a specific task. 

So, the question of whether ASUS is a good brand or not can be answered by exploring the details of key features the brand has to offer. Usually, if one has such a question in mind, he will need days of research to come to the right conclusion, but who has time for that?

Is ASUS a Good Brand – Let’s Find Out!!

We have analyzed, tested, and researched the brand for you and brought you a detailed analysis that will clarify to you why is ASUS a good brand. 
So, let’s take a look at the most important aspects that give this brand dominancy over the others. 

Premium Build Quality

One thing which this Taiwanese company never compromises on is the premium built quality and superior durability. ASUS laptops are built from the highest quality materials and offer best-in-class durability and reliability. 

Good ASUS laptops come with MIL-STD Military Grade Standard Testing that ensures their reliability and relieves you from the worry of accidental damages. ASUS laptops come factory tested for every kind of harsh environmental treatment they might face. 

Unique and Creative Design

From a sharp business laptop to the most advanced gaming laptop, ASUS always comes with unique designs that make them stand out among the rest in the market. These designs include ErgoLift, Hinge, ErgoLife, and many others.

Besides these creative inputs, the stunning look of the ASUS laptops is also beyond description. Each laptop is crafted with maximum precision and offers the best features and functionality in a stylish body. 

Wide Budget Range

ASUS is reputed to produce good and affordable laptops and desktops. They offer a wide variety of laptops and systems, in every price range. So, whether you are a student looking to get a budget-friendly laptop, a professional gamer looking for monstrous specs, or a creative artist/designer looking for powerful and efficient features, ASUS has got something for everyone. 

From a few hundred to a couple of thousand dollars, ASUS offers many laptops and computers, all with the latest specs and features. You can explore them on amazon to check which suits your purposes the best. 

Innovative Multitasking Features

While Apple, Dell, and HP are limited to one or two such unique features that enhance multitasking and work efficiency, ASUS always comes with something so unique that it blows your mind away. 

ASUS ScreenPad, ScreenPad 2.0, and ScreenPad Plus are the most innovative features one can expect in a multi-tasking laptop. Whether it’s gaming, editing, rendering, creating, or any other work, these features will enhance your productivity and efficiency. 

ScreenPad is like a mini-tablet in your keyboard that allows you to use advanced applications like App Switcher, Digital NumPad, Stylus creation, Task grouping, and controlling certain features on the main screen without minimizing any windows. 

Just take a look at the ASUS ZenBook series and you’ll know what I’m talking about. 

Outstanding Performance

Without a doubt, ASUS stands out because of its high-grade components and outstanding performance in every field. Besides the superior built quality, all the components used within the laptops are of premium built and high quality. 

Adding to this, ASUS always keeps updating its models to keep up with the standard and ensures that all its laptops and computers are packed with the latest components and features along with a touch of innovation. 

The best performance for most intense graphic work is offered by the ASUS TUF series. These laptops can be used for editing, rendering, and especially for gaming. 

Hence, gamers who were wondering whether ASUS is a good brand to purchase or not can settle with the TUF series as it will offer them an absolutely stunning performance with the highest fps and most realistic visuals in the gameplay. 

Enhanced Cooling Technology

ASUS laptops are loaded with heavy components and advanced specs, so one might expect them to overheat because of excessive power. But, that will never happen. ASUS is equipped with exclusive and advanced cooling technology that will keep the laptop cool at all times. 

Even the ROG and TUF series that designs the most intense gaming laptops with massive RAM, superfast storage, monstrous processing power, and RTX graphics will remain cool even during the most hardcore and demanding performance. 

Hence, based on these features and many more, ASUS can be nominated as a good brand. However, the specific answer can be found based on specific needs of the laptop, but whatever the need or profession, remain assured that ASUS has got the right laptop for you. 

Some Other Things to Consider

Although ASUS comes with so many amazing specs and features, that are also some things you should be wary of and consider beforehand when shopping for an ASUS laptop. 

One of the most commonly faced issues is the lack of many services centers over the world because HP and Dell mostly dominate the market. Because of this, if there is an issue with your laptop, you will have to ship or deliver the laptop to the service center by post, and pay for shipping as well. 

Moreover, ASUS keeps up with the modern trends, so you’ll rarely see CD/DVD ROMs or VGA/DVI ports in the laptops. One has to get converters or settle for better monitors for your ASUS system.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is ASUS better than HP?

In terms of affordability, you will find some better laptops in ASUS at the lower end. In terms of specs, both brands give each other strong competition. In terms of innovation, however, ASUS certainly dominates with its unique features. 

Are there any good ASUS gaming laptops?

ASUS TUF and ASUS ROG series offers a wide range of good gaming laptops that come with advanced features and offer some of the best specs in the market. Moreover, the laptops come in a compact design. 

Are ASUS laptops durable?

Yes, ASUS laptops do offer premium durability and reliability. Good ASUS laptops come with Military Standard Durability Testing that assures you to remain worry-free of any accidental damages. 

Which ASUS laptop is best for graphic designing?

ASUS ROG Zephyrus G15 is a compact laptop with monstrous specs that will provide you incredible power and performance for editing, designing, and content creation


ASUS is one of the prominent brands in the desktop, mobile, and laptop industry that offers the most advanced and innovative features. Those who are in doubt whether ASUS is a good brand or not, just take a look at the above article and you’ll find your answer. 

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