How to Change CPU Fan Speed? – Tricks You Need to Know

how to change cpu fan speed

One of the most common issues faced by pro-gamers and graphic designers is CPU overheating. The most common reason for …

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External RAM for Laptop – Here’s Everything You Need to Know

external ram for laptop

Today, people are looking for a way to use the RAM externally and boost their PC’s performance. Well, to put …

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What Is Sata Port? – Super Secrets You Need To Know!

What is SATA Port

SATA or Serial Advanced Technology Attachment, also known as serial ATA is an interface that transfers data between your computer’s …

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Is Asus a Good Brand? – Everything You Need To Know!

Is Asus a good brand

ASUS is a multi-national Taiwanese electronics and computer hardware company that manufactures some of the best laptops, desktops, and mobiles …

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