How to Change CPU Fan Speed? – Tricks You Need to Know

how to change cpu fan speed

One of the most common issues faced by pro-gamers and graphic designers is CPU overheating. The most common reason for it is that CPU fans aren’t operating at the speeds they are required to. Hence, as a result, your CPU overheats. This might be due to the automatic fan controller not functioning properly or problems in …

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How To Connect Projector To Laptop Without VGA Port?

how to connect projector to laptop without vga port

Linking up projectors to laptops has been a breeze with VGA ports by the side. But what if your laptop doesn’t show up with a Video Graphics Array (VGA) port? That’s where you need to learn how to connect projector to laptop without VGA port! Now, the basic difference that marks the distinction between HDMI …

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External RAM for Laptop – Here’s Everything You Need to Know

external ram for laptop

Today, people are looking for a way to use the RAM externally and boost their PC’s performance. Well, to put it simply, it’s just not possible. There is no way you can use RAM externally for your laptop.  However, there are certain devices that can act as ReadyBoost and improve the performance of your PC …

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What Is Sata Port? – Super Secrets You Need To Know!

What is SATA Port

SATA or Serial Advanced Technology Attachment, also known as serial ATA is an interface that transfers data between your computer’s motherboard and storage devices.  In simple terms, it will connect your hard drive to your computer. The number of SATA ports you can have on your computer can vary with the type of motherboard. If …

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Is Asus a Good Brand? – Everything You Need To Know!

Is Asus a good brand

ASUS is a multi-national Taiwanese electronics and computer hardware company that manufactures some of the best laptops, desktops, and mobiles in the world. However, when answering a question such as above, one has to go into a lot more detail.  ASUS offers you a wide variety of devices in a wide budget range, so technically …

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